why choose you when there are so many?!

I offer both a high quality product and an enjoyable, comfortable client experience. I am professionally trained and hold a Diploma in Photography from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. But, I also really like people. You may begin as a client, but you’ll right away become a friend.

Working with me won’t actually feel like “work” at all – we’ll hang out, get to know each other, have some fun, and I’ll capture your story. Whether it’s your wedding, an afternoon with your family in the park, or the celebration of your engagement, I’ll capture all of its defining moments, in all their laughter, tears, and everything in between. I’m an easygoing person who is passionate about my work, and I can guarantee that you’ll get top quality work in a professional, respectful, friendly, and down-to-earth way.

choosing a style

My style is a bit on the creative, artistic side. I can do "traditional" posted photos, absolutely. But my strength and passion lies in capturing real smiles - even if I have to tell a silly joke to make them happen. I am also into really creative stuff - light painting, sparkler fun, nighttime shoots that capture those stars, and more. So if you're wanting to convey authenticity and/or you're interested in some unique and creative storytelling, you've found your gal.

But, I don't define myself by one particular visual style. I love creating images with bright, bold colour. And I love crafting more faded, dreamy looks as well. I love dark, moody tones. And I also love working in black and white too. Let's craft your style together.