general faqs:

§  I've never booked a photographer before . . .

Not to worry! It can feel like a daunting task for sure, but really, the key to choosing a photographer is finding some who a) you like as a person (enough to spend a few hours or even entire day with!) and (b) has high-quality work in a style that you like. That's it. Photographers are people with a passion for capturing moments. The key is finding someone whose vision and style matches yours.

§  You’re based in Fredericton. But I live in . . .

No problem! I love me a good adventure. For a small mileage fee, I will come to anywhere in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI. If you're within 2 hours of Fredericton, gas money is all I ask. Got a destination idea a bit further away? Now I'm really excited – let’s talk.

§  How can we book?  Do you require a deposit?

You can book by either emailing me – – or filling out the handy contact form located here. For weddings, I require a 20% deposit to hold the date, and the remaining 80% one week in advance. For family, couple, and other smaller sessions, you pay at the beginning of the shoot. Cash and e-mail money transfer are both accepted.

§  What does "editing" or "post-processing" mean?

Basically, think of it like this: the photo I take is like a blank colouring book. It's the bones of the photograph. It's where the initial magic lies. But "editing" or "post-processing" is where I do some digital magic to make those photographs POP.  I tweak colour, contrast, and tone. I create black and whites. I craft your style. For more complicated and creative photographs I do photo stitching or compositing. For every hour I shoot, I spend 3 hours going through, editing, processing, etc.

§  Oh, Is it the same as "retouching"?

Not quite. I do minimal "retouching," which means really, really fine tuning. So, I'll remove a noticeable pimple, or quickly zap a fly-away hair. But major retouching is done at additional request and cost.

wedding faqs

§  How far in advance should I book?

If I’m available, I’ll do it! Of course, during peak wedding season, you’ll want to book well in advance, but I’ve scheduled shoots both a year and a week in advance.

§  What’s the next step after we’ve booked?

After we scream “YAY!” I will email you a client questionnaire to fill out at your leisure and a contract. Once those are returned we will book a sit-down consultation, about two months in advance of your day, to talk specifics.

§  What will it be like to have a photographer at my wedding?

In many ways, I hope that afterward you say, "I barely even noticed you!"  And I also hope you say, "Thank you for being to courteous and kind with uncle Vic." I am both a fly on the wall and a member of your wedding party in a way, so I try to make helpful suggestions to help us get the best photos possible, without being pushy or bossy in any way. I am also there to straighten ties, help you not trip over that dress, and ensure we follow the schedule of the day.

§  What are my responsibilities before/during the shoot? What are yours?

You are responsible for: getting all relevant schedules/timelines to me in advance; having anyone needed for group photos informed and rounded up; sending me a list or discussing verbally with me any specific photos you want taken and any ideas you have.

I am responsible for: ensuring all of your wishes and ideas have been recorded, arriving early and prepared, helping you choose a good location, having a solid plan of the various shots and sessions throughout the day, and directing people in the photographs in terms of posing, posture, etc.

§  Will you take candid photos at our wedding?

Absolutely! They’re honestly some of my favourites. You will get to witness moments that happened in your honour, which you were completely unaware of. I’ll be your fly on the wall.

§  But will we get posed, traditional portraits for my mom?

Certainly! Every wedding package includes a session where the couple gets to pose with various configurations of their immediate and extended family. You should leave a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes for this, depending on the size of your family.

§  Will there be some time for photos of just us?

Absolutely! This can happen multiple times throughout the day/night. Light changes dramatically during the latter part of the day, so I'm all about sneaking you out for some after-ceremony, sunset, and even nighttime shots! This will also give you some time to just breathe and be together in between the busy parts of your day.

§  How many images will we receive? And how?

For a full day wedding package, you can expect to receive anywhere between 500 and 700 professionally processed high quality digital JPEG images. I show my proofs in an online gallery for you to peruse, and the final photos are given to you on a USB drive.

§  How long will we have to wait?

I like to offer a “sneak peak” of some images within a couple of days of a wedding, and you can expect to have that USB in your hand within two weeks.

§  We want something different than the traditional wedding/engagement/family photo. We saw this cool thing on Pinterest...

Look no further! I’m here to craft your story. Let’s do this.

family/portrait/engagement faqs:

§  Yay! We're booked! Now what?

Now we set up a phone chat to discuss the where and when. I'll ask you questions about what you and your partner/family like to do together, what types of photos you like/don't like, and about any ideas you may already have.

We'll put our heads together to pick the best location or two. As for time of day, I always prefer morning or early evening light. Midday sun can be pretty darn harsh for both the client (who has to try to keep their eyes open) and the photographer (who wants to make you look awesome!)

§  How many images will we receive? And how?

For smaller sessions, you can expect anywhere from 50 to 100 professionally processed high quality digital JPEG images, which can be downloaded from an online gallery.

§  How long will we have to wait?

You can expect to have all the images within a week.