Emilee & Tim - An Autumn Mountaintop Marraige of Two Best Friends

That first peak of autumn colour... a breathtaking mountaintop view... a most magnificent sight of a bride in rubber boots on an ATV climbing up the mountain, through a puddle, to her wedding ceremony...

I love photographing weddings. Weddings of all sorts, in all kinds of locations. But I LOVE photographing mountaintop weddings. When Emilee and Tim contacted me about their early-fall mountaintop wedding, I knew I had struck photographers’ gold. This was going to be incredible. Top it off with a reception at the beautiful, rustic, and picturesque Homestead, and you’ve got a match made in Heaven. And did we ever.

The day was chilly but the laughter was warm. And can this family ever laugh. I spent nearly 14 hours capturing every detail of this magical day, and I have to admit, a good portion was spent laughing. From the blow-up doll’s appearance during hair and makeup, to the mother- and grandmother-of-the-bride’s stunning dance moves, this wedding was certainly a fun one. But also a touching one. Emilee and Tim are that best-friends-for-life kind of couple, who will love each other through thick and thin. It was an absolute pleasure and honour to bear witness to, and capture, the unfolding of their special day. Getting married? Interested in having an authentic, professional, creative, and unique visual memory of your day? Write me and let me know you how I can craft your story.

Reception: The Homestead