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Bryden & Nathan | Fredericton Family Portraits

That end-of-fall sun... the warm glow of fallen leaves at sunset... an epic Frisbee arm... a tree fallen but not forgotten.

I was lucky enough to have photographed Bryden and his mom, sisters, and gorgeous dog Roxy last spring. So when I had the opportunity to photograph him and his dad, I was excited.

Bryden is one of those pretends-to-be-shy-but-is-downright-sweet little kids that you want to photograph for hours. Those bursts of joy that beam across his little face are utterly heart warming, and he is clearly the apple of his dad’s eye.

We chose the beautiful hilltop location locally known as the Potato Research Station for a special reason. Bryden’s dad had himself been photographed here with his own parents at Bryden’s age, and we just had to try to recreate that shot. Our detective work led us to examine many trees, many of which looked so very similar to the one in the photo from 30 years ago, yet none seemed to be the one. After careful examination, we discovered a foot-high stump located in the exact place that this tree seemed to be. The tree may be gone, but now Bryden and his dad have a new tree right next to the old one, where their story begins. Photos don’t just record memories, they craft stories—and now Bryden will have a story of his own that he can perhaps share by the tree with his little one someday.

Interested in a personalized photo shoot experience that is unique to you? Write me and let me know you how I can craft your story.

Carito | Fredericton Family Portraits & Cake Smash | Kelly Baker Photography

That late autumn chill... A rainbow of fall colours... The bluest of icings... and one of the sweetest babies I have ever laid eyes on... This little fella’s one year birthday shoot was a literal smash!

Carito wrote me asking for two things: First, she wanted a place where her little guy could happily dig into his first birthday cake. And second, she wanted big, bright colours. She was in luck. Two sheets of fabric and a backdrop stand converted my living room into a studio just the right size to capture some toe-dipping and finger-licking one-year-old joy. And those bright October leaves clung just long enough for our early November photo shoot to really show off the big bright colours of a Fredericton fall. It took less than two hours for us to create some of the sweetest, most loving family photos my camera has ever captured.                                                                                                                        

Carito and her family were a true pleasure to work with. Two hours of smiles and laughter and the most adorable costume changes had us all counting down till birthday #2. Interested in a shoot like this for your little one’s big day? Write me and let me show you how I can craft your story.