My name is Kelly Baker, and I am a Photographer, Videographer, Artist, and overall, Storyteller. I’m a born and bred Maritimer, raised in the small fishing village of Port Medway, Nova Scotia. I spent my twenties being inspired by the places I’ve lived and traveled – I’ve been a city slicker of Halifax, climbed the mountains of New Zealand and British Columbia, drank me a fine European cuppucino, and have now settled down in my gorgeous new home of Fredericton, where I’ve made Photography my full time endeavour.

I nurtured my passion for telling stories first with words – so many words. Enough words to complete both a Masters and PhD in Anthropology, which gave me the voice to tell the stories of some whose voices are often not heard. Photography grabbed my heart in 2010 and has pulled me along a most exciting, nurturing, wonderful journey of capturing life's most unforgettable stories and sharing them, one snap at a time, with images. Every person has a story – let me tell yours.